RTV Remodel Underway!

Hi RTVer’s!

As many of you already know, RTV is currently ramping up for the fall semester with some remodeling, as of today we’re happy to announce that “the wall” has officially been knocked down!

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We hope this helps to promote a more open space and allow for students to easily navigate the halls of RTV. There will be more changes to come as the summer progresses, check back here for the latest.

Guest Skype with Marsha Posner Williams!

Hi – ALL serious RTV People!  If possible, please attend a Skype session with Marsha Posner Williams and her good friend — Ellen Falcon Gittelsohn this Thursday, July 10th at 9AM.  Ms. Gittelsohn has directed over 500 sitcom episodes and soon she will be teaching a USC Cinema Arts sitcom production class (for more information about her take a look at her IMDB page – very impressive).  ALL RTV people should attend!  However – ALL Director wannabes should absolutely attend! To ensure a good seat for the chat session please be over at RTV prior to 9a.m.

Upcoming Summer Activities! (NEW)

Hello RTV Crew! We are happy to announce our latest list of upcoming events in the RTV Department. Attendance (unless otherwise noted) is open to all. Also, all activities take place in Shima 146. We hope to see you there!


Sitcom Meeting (primarily for Actors and Directors – ALL are invited to attend) July 8 at 12p.m.

Sitcom Script Writing Meeting (will work on proper script formatting) – July 10 at 2p.m.

Radio Station Launch Team (Station Management) Meeting – July 15 at 2p.m.

Radio Station Financial Management Team Meeting – July 22 at 2p.m.

Radio Station On-Air Talent Meeting – July 29 at 2p.m.

Sitcom Meeting (Showrunners, Producers, Directors – ALL are invited to attend) – August 5 (Time TBA)

UPDATED Summer Activities

Hi RTV Crew!

Here’s an updated list of information for those of you participating in summer activities:

-July 1st at 11AM – Radio Meeting

-July 1st at 2PM – Sitcom Writer’s Meeting

-July 8th at 12PM – Sitcom Writer’s Meeting

For more information please contact wstory@deltacollege.edu

We look forward to seeing you there!

Summer Activities Calendar

Hello from Summer RTV!

We hope you’re having a great summer so far and wanted to let you know about upcoming activities here at RTV.

Next week on Friday, June 27th at 12PM there will be a general Sit Com meeting.

On the following week on Tuesday, July 1st at 11AM there will be a general Radio Station meeting.

(If you are currently working towards either a management role in the radio station or a writing position on the sitcom there are some upcoming meetings but please contact either Mr. V. or Ms. D. for more details).

Check back again soon for more dates and times!

Multimediafest 2014 Get your ticket NOW!

Tickets are now available to Multimediafest 2014! They are on a “first come, first served” basis to all RTV and MCOM students. Priority goes to current RTV/MCOM students with alumni space available next week.

Tickets are limited so get them ASAP.

To get a ticket please come to the RTV studio and give the front desk representative your full name and the RTV/MCOM course you are currently enrolled in.

Extra credit for attendance may be made available for certain courses (please inquire with your RTV/MCOM instructor for details).


RTV Summer Class

What are YOU doing this summer?! Take an RTV class and learn more about the history of broadcasting.  We are excited to offer RTV 01 (Introduction to Broadcasting/Electronic Media) from June 9th- July 18th. Also, stay tuned for fall classes as we will be offering NIGHT CLASSES. Neither night classes or summer classes have been available for our department in quite a while. This is a great opportunity for us to share our passion with the community. So, please spread the word and help us fill these classes! Imagehttps://classes.deltacollege.edu/schedule/sections.cfm?term=10&year=201415&region=STKN&course=RTV+++++001

Multimediafest Alumni Submission Form

The Alumni Category of Multimediafest 2014 is open to all former RTV students (please do not use this form if you are currently enrolled in an RTV or MCOM course). Alumni wishing to participate in this category must complete this form as well as a $5 submission fee.


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