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Here are some important dates for you to keep in mind for spring 2015. The first day of school is Tuesday, January 21st.

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Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Story, Governor Don and the dedicated crew that showed up during the winter break. Thanks to those great people KWDC-LP is a functioning radio station! More updates: The sitcom crew has completed principal shooting on their project- CONGRATULATIONS! And, Delta College News KWDC has submitted an entry to the student Emmy’s competition. Great work!

Delta RTV is proud to welcome a new radio adjunct: Lowell Tuckerman. Welcome, Professor Tuckerman.

Happy Holidays!


San Joaquin Delta College’s Stockton Campus, South Campus at Mountain House (Tracy) and SJDC Calaveras High School classes will close for the holiday break, Monday, December 22 through Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Delta College campuses will re-open for business on Monday, January 5, at 8 a.m.

Delta College’s Spring Semester 2015 begins on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The Market at Delta College, athletics events, and venue events will be open during the break. Check the Delta College Events Calendar for more information. http://calendar.deltacollege.edu/

Over the break, Delta’s “Virtual Campus”  will be available online for students to register for class, pay fees, request transcripts, check grades, apply for and check financial aid status, and other related services.

Open Online Registration runs through January 15, 2015, then reopens, Tuesday, January 20.

Admissions, Records & Registration

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Veterans Services

Delta College Bookstore
Though campus services are closed during Delta’s Winter Break, the Delta College Bookstore (Danner Hall) will be open one day only, on Monday, Dec. 22, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The bookstore will reopen for regular business hours starting Monday, January 5, 2015.

Students are encouraged to purchase their books, rent books, parking permits (available at the bookstore) and print their class schedules before the spring semester begins. Students can also order textbooks, parking permits, and more online: http://bookstore.deltacollege.edu/home.aspx

District Police Services
As always, Delta College District Police Services will be available during the Winter Break. District Police can be reached at: (209) 954-5000. The Mountain House Substation can be reached at:
(209) 954-5151 x6070. For more information, emergency/safety procedures and “TipSoft” anonymous reporting access, please visit: http://www.deltacollege.edu/dept/police/index.html

Happy holidays from San Joaquin Delta College! See you in class on Tuesday, January 20!

Emergency Notification: CAMPUS CLOSED 12/11/14

In light of the ominous weather predictions for late tonight and tomorrow, Delta College campuses will be closed from Wednesday, December 10 at 11:00 p.m. until Friday, December 12, at 6:00 a.m. This closure includes the Stockton Campus, the South Campus at Mountain House, and the Manteca Farm.

This action means the College is cancelling all classes during that time period. It also means that Delta College employees will not report to work on Thursday, December 11. The only exceptions are those employees necessary to secure the campus and protect College property.

Delta College employees will report to work at their regularly-scheduled time on Friday, December 12. Likewise, students should report to their final exams at the scheduled times on Friday,
December 12

Please check the College website (www.deltacollege.edu) for updates and further information. The College apologizes for any inconvenience this weather safety closure might cause.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Back on the air: KWDC

http://www.recordnet.com/article/20141102/News/141109951Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.56.02 PM

By Alex Breitler
Record Staff Writer
Posted Nov. 2, 2014 @ 12:01 am

STOCKTON — Fifteen years ago, San Joaquin Delta College lost its voice.

Its radio voice, that is. The college’s old radio station, KSJC, shut down in the late 1990s, silenced by budget cuts.

Now, a Delta instructor — who as a student 30 years ago nervously taped his first broadcast on KSJC — is in the midst of launching a new station in the very same studio, with the help of dozens of students and community volunteers.

“It’s come full circle,” instructor William Story said last week, while giving a tour of the small but bustling studio. “How cool is this?”

KWDC LP-93.5 FM had its inaugural broadcast on Saturday, online only. The station will continue to live-stream on the Internet until January, when it finally should hit the airwaves.

Higher education is all about the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Every campus could use a radio station.

But this effort goes far beyond 5151 Pacific Ave. Organizers want KWDC to be the “Voice of Stockton,” as it says on the back of the black T-shirts worn by the students who were busy recording shows on Wednesday.

And Stockton needs a voice.

Deregulation in the 1990s led to corporate conglomeration in the broadcasting world. All but one of Stockton’s commercial radio stations now are owned by two companies, Story wrote in a report about his efforts.

As a result, listeners sometimes are stuck with just traffic and weather, and perhaps some quick news highlights — usually crime. And Stockton stays in the shadow of Sacramento, the largest city in the market.

“All you hear on the radio is the same stuff all over again,” said 26-year-old Blaze Rodriguez, one of KWDC’s new broadcasters. “There’s rich heritage in Stockton, stories that need to be told.”

The fledgling station, which has been granted a provisional license by the Federal Communications Commission, eventually will offer 24/7 programming — at least some of it live — including local news, music by local artists, and shows about education, sports and the arts.

Although low-power, the station’s antenna atop the Shima complex should reach a large swath of Stockton mostly north of the Crosstown Freeway. Of course, anyone will be able to watch online; broadcasters also will be on camera as part of a multimedia webcast.

It is no small task to basically start a radio station from scratch. Story took a year-long sabbatical to get things started, and today he’s got a band of enthusiastic volunteers eager to get behind a microphone for the first time, just as he did so many years ago.

Applying for an FCC license was free. Equipment and other costs were paid for with about $30,000 from regular career technical education funding that Delta’s radio and television broadcasting program receives each year.

Station staff, even the station manager, are not being paid — though the hope is to offer some compensation in the future.

“This has taken priority because I believe in it,” said manager Don Maszewski, known as “Gov. Don” in the studio.

Maszewski is a former Delta student who took classes starting in 2006. Even then, bringing back a radio station “was our dream,” he said. At a staff meeting on Tuesday, he addressed the diverse staff — students and community members, veteran broadcasters and nervous newbies.

For those newbies, Gov. Don shared a little Radio 101: No dead air — play a song if you don’t know what to say — and no live calls, because you never know what might come out of someone’s mouth. Calls will be taken while music is playing.

Every time a new staff member or broadcaster was introduced, the room erupted in applause.

Sustaining KWDC over the long term won’t be easy, organizers admit. But this high level of energy seems a good start.

“These people are donating their time and effort because they believe in this city,” Maszewski said. “And I know this community will value this station.”

Contact reporter Alex Breitler at (209) 546-8295 or abreitler@recordnet.com. Follow him at recordnet.com/breitlerblog and on Twitter @alexbreitler.

Please come see Governor Don or Gabe Alcantara in Shima 146 to learn how you can be part of the movement.

Sitcom Team: We Have a Script!

Today’s sitcom meeting is VERY exciting. We finally have a script. Some solid scripts were submitted but one was chosen as the one to move forward with. Please come to the sitcom meeting today for a table reading. Casting will happen next! Please join us on this exciting adventure!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.36.25 AM

KWDC Shirts NOW Available


Stop by Shima 146 to order your very own KWDC T-shirt. This is a great way to support the radio station AND let people know that we will be broadcasting on the FM dial very soon! Spread the buzz.  Shirts are $10.00 (S-XL ) or $15.00 (2X+) for RTV students and $20.00 (S-XL) or $25.00 (2X+) for KWDC supporters.

MPW visits Delta RTV

Thanks so much to Marsha Posner Williams for making another trip to Stockton.

We enjoyed having her here. The Saturday producer workshop was so exciting! If that presentation got your creative juices going, please join the RTV Sitcom group on Thursday at 12pm in Shima 146. For those of you that would like to say thank you to Marsha for visiting, feel free to like the Marsha Posner Williams Facebook fan page and leave a message there.




What’s happening!

RTVers, there is always something happening in RTV. Here’s a list of weekly clubs and meetings that you can join NOW! It’s never too late to be part of the team. We look forward to seeing you!




Pictured L to R: Will Story, Adriana Brogger, Juanda Jones, Don Maszewski


Adriana Brogger and Juanda Jones

Photo credit: Carmen Slaughter

Just in time for the start of the new semester, Delta RTV looks brand new. One wall has been removed, the remaining walls painted, the carpet replaced and a new receptionist desk installed. Welcome to the newly updated Delta RTV. Here to welcome you are the smiling faces of Ms. Juanda Jones, Don Maszewski and Peter Peang. Delta RTV tutors for fall semester are Orlando Jose (video), Chris Shortt (audio) and Robert Duran (audio). Tutoring requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please see an RTV operations manager for the sign up sheets. Feel free to stop by and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals this semester.

RTV Remodel Underway!

Hi RTVer’s!

As many of you already know, RTV is currently ramping up for the fall semester with some remodeling, as of today we’re happy to announce that “the wall” has officially been knocked down!

10527475_10152258683271593_6203122552763980062_n 1912450_10152258683596593_9013196856230810953_n 10551106_10152258683721593_2830014326526682498_n 10563019_10152258684066593_5335079048007072514_n 10557226_10152258683091593_6607789307433383284_n

We hope this helps to promote a more open space and allow for students to easily navigate the halls of RTV. There will be more changes to come as the summer progresses, check back here for the latest.


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